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Who are we?

Generations of Farmers

We are Farmers. We are Packers. We are Marketers.

More importantly, we believe in farm fresh produce! We care about the experience and the expectations that encompass our farming lifestyle. Therefore, we started Twin River Produce to fulfill our goal of providing the freshest produce in town.

Our journey towards making our goals a reality begins in the blueberry fields. When we first started brainstorming we ran into a road block. We asked ourselves, how do we overcome the tradeoff between quality and quantity? The answer is simple, small family farms! We partner with several small family farms that have been farming for generations! The result has been wonderful. We now have the scale to compete in the market, and we also maintain small farm quality. The bonus to this solution, we get to help out our local community as well as farming communities around the country! Wherever our berries are grown, you can rest assured they were grown by families that care about growing practices, environment in their fields, and the quality of the fruit they produce. That is the Twin River difference, and you can taste the difference in our berries.


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Thank you for the delicious fruits.
We need more engaged farmers like you guys.
Have an awesome weekend.
— Nelly Lang
With my first handful of berries I instantly noticed that they had fresher flavor and that delightful slightly crisp texture. My whole family loved them and we made a special stop at the market where we’d bought them just to get more!
— Linda Moorhead
The BEST I’ve had all summer. Thank you!
— Jennifer Lindher
I saw your Twin River ORGANIC Blueberries in the Fry’s grocery store here last Saturday. It felt like Christmas! I purchased every box the store had. They are delicious and made me wish I was back up in the Pacific Northwest region again. Your produce is outstanding and is the best in the U.S. (and I sincerely mean that).
— Michelle Pettit 

Heart & Soil

Our Heart & Soil program connects our entire supply chain with one common philosophy to help guide our farming, packing, and sales process.

The food we eat must be grown in the best possible environment! For us, that translates to soil health, which is why our farming practices make the ground that we touch better than when we started. We perform several annual tests to ensure optimal PH levels, and we take the proper steps enrich our soil health year after year, which results in a truly bountiful plant!

To ensure the highest quality from the farm to your table, our berries go through a rigorous sorting process and quality control testing at our packing facility. Further, we work with our customers to develop efficient transit to get our berries to you as quickly as possible.

Combining the synergies of small family farms and high quality grocers has allowed us to sustainably satisfy all aspects of the supply chain. The result is a truly exceptional blueberry. You can taste the "Heart & Soil" difference in Twin River blueberries.

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About Us

Escoe & Weijohn

The Weijohns have farmed in the Yakima Valley for generations. The Escoe's began farming in the Hood River Valley in 2004. The two families merged synergies in 2011 to develop Twin River Produce. We've found that combining the young farming family with one that has decades of experience leads us to a truly unique perspective. We are so grateful for the tremendous wisdom and progressive thought processes that encompass our team!


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