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We are farmers. We are Packers. We are Marketers. More importantly, we believe in farm fresh produce! We want to give you the experience and the expectations that encompass our farming lifestyle. Therefore, we started Twin River Produce with the intention of fulfilling our goal of providing the freshest produce in town.

Our journey towards making our goals a reality began with blueberries. When we first started brainstorming we ran into a road block. How do we provide a high quality blueberry on a large scale? There is usually a tradeoff between quality and quantity, right? Well we decided there doesn’t have to be. Through working with several small family farms that already exist, we have been able to achieve the economies of scale to begin competing in the market place, while also maintaining the small farm quality like we are used to enjoying. The bonus to this plan, we get to help out our local community as well as farming communities around the country! Wherever our berries are grown, you can rest assured they weren’t grown by a big corporation, but instead the small farmer that truly cares about the growing practices, environment of their fields, and the quality of the fruit they produce. That is the Twin River difference, and you can taste the difference in our products.



1.     Maintain farm fresh quality

2.     Always improve your soil

3.     Work hard, teach others to work hard, and enjoy the fruits of your labor

4.     Respect: Growers, Employees, Vendors, and Customers, treat everyone with respect



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Months: Beginning of June to mid September

Type: Organic & Conventional Blueberries

Locations: Oregon & Washington, USA Grown


Where to find our blueberries

Whole Foods Market

New Seasons Market

Numerous small grocers throughout Oregon, Washington, and California